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Humpback Whale Saved in La Paz

OCTAVO DÍA | 21.04.2013 17:26 hrs.

Carlos Ibarra @Cachobanzi

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS).  Volunteers and staff from different corporations rescued a near beached juvenile humpback whale Sunday, April 21st. The animal was almost suffocated by its weight, but the persistence of SOMEMMA, PRIMMA and Profepa officials freed it.

Swimmers at the Coromuel water park saw the huge animal and noticed that it was struggling to swim because of the low tide. They immediately notified the Marina and Profepa. Four boats and caring citizens collaborated in the rescue. Larger boats helped pull the whale to deeper water. The effort followed the protocol for marine mammal rescue. The struggle to save the whale lasted over two hours, but the successful results incited elated uproar in the concerned witnesses.

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